• Examinations
    in our Vascular Practice in Heidelberg


Examination, diagnostics using Doppler / color duplex sonography, medical consultations, treatment of patients with varicosis (varicose veins), consultations especially with regard to surgery / innovative e.g. endoluminal methods / conservative treatment / sclerosation (injection treatments).

Emergency diagnostics and therapy of acute deep leg vein thrombosis or arm vein thrombosis as well as thrombophlebitis (superficial vein inflammation).

Diagnostics and treatment of patients after deep vein thrombosis in the sense of a post-thrombotic syndrome.

Medical consultation and lab diagnostics in the case of inherited or acquired thrombotic tendency (thrombophilia).

Peripheral arteries

Diagnostics of peripheral arterial perfusion disorders ("smoker’s legs") using Doppler and color duplex sonography as well as therapy /medical consultations with regard to the choice between conservative therapy / intervention (balloon dilatation or surgery) / infusion therapy.

Diagnostics of Raynaud-Syndrom of hands and feet.

Brainsupplying vessels

Representation of the vessels leading to the brain (carotids) using Doppler and color duplex sonography for the sake of diagnostics and prevention of perfusion disorders in the brain / medical consultation regarding the risk of stroke, Plaques (=calcification) or stenoses (=narrowing).

Abdominal vessels

Color duplex sonography of the abdominal vessels, e.g. suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm / renal artery stenosis.

Lymphedema / Lipedema

Diagnostics, medical consultation and therapy in case of lymphatic diseases/ lymphedema.

Diagnostics, medical consultation and therapy in case of lipedema (abnormal fat distribution in the legs, e.g. saddle bags in women).

Prevention / Checkup

Developing a risk profile, medical advice of patients with cardiovascular risks factors (blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, smoking) as part of preventive examinations (checkup).


Sonography of the abdomen (abdominal organs, kidneys), the thyroid gland, and e.g. the hollow of the knee (e.g. in case of suspected Baker’s cyst)

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