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Consultation hours

Mo - Fr 8 - 12 am
Mo, Tue + Thu 3 - 5 pm

Private and statutory health insurance is accepted.

Appointments upon arrangement
+49 6221 – 727 4444

We are available on the phone Mo / Tue / Thu throughout the day from 8 am to 5 pm and Wed / Fr from 8 am to 12 am. If you can't reach us on the phone please feel free to write us a short message through our contact sheet with your phone number. We'll call you back as soon we can.


We offer appointments only upon arrangement in order to create the required time frame to be able to discuss the examination results and therapy options in detail with the patient after ultrasonic diagnostics.

Dr. med. Junge considers a close cooperation with colleagues, the general practitioners and the specialists who may take over further treatment, if required, highly important in order to achieve the best patient care.

In addition to the usual consultation hours; we perform emergency examinations / treatments of patients with acute thrombosis / thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation) / acute arterial perfusion disorders / suspected stroke or vessel dissection.

In an acute situation (referral on e.g. suspicion on thrombosis / thrombophlebitis etc.) you'll receive an appointment on the same day in our practice because we hold emergency appointments in reserve. Please make a phone call beforehand to apply to such an emergency appointment.

The Vascular Practice
Dr. med. Gesche Junge
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Tel +49 6221 - 727 4444
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Consultation hours
Mo - Fr 8 - 12 am
Mo, Tue + Thu 3 - 5 pm

Private and statutory insurance
Appointments by arrangement